Best Tips To Lose Weight

Today’s article, we will discuss Lose Weight or fat loss and will know which are the important tips by following which you can make your weight loss journey easy and healthy.

6 Best Tips To Lose Weight

Nowadays, there are many kinds of fancy diets and programs in the market which claim that by following them you can make weight loss drastically and in a very short time. But you all need to understand that it is a very temporary and unhealthy way to make weight loss.

6 Best Tips To Lose Weight

1. Lift Weight

Lift Weight

I always tell everyone that it is very important for you all to do strength training because by doing strength training your lean muscle mass increases and you also get the EPOC benefit. EPOC benefit means that by doing strength training your resting metabolic rate remains

high means even when you are not doing any physical activity your body still burns calories. And this is simple, you all know that to do fat loss, you have to reduce the calorie intake and burn more calories. That means to do fat loss strength training is necessary. In one study it was found that by doing strength training continuouslyfor 4 weeks, your visceral fat reduces.

Visceral fat is the fat deposit around your internal organs which is very dangerous. Now whether you are male or female you should definitely do strength training on a daily basis during weight loss. By doing strength training you will definitely do weight loss that is fat loss. Along with that your joints will also remain healthy.

2. Stop Crash Diet

People come to me and say that we eat very less but still why don’t we lose weight Nowadays a lot of people see each other and start following crash diet in the name of weight loss. That means they eat less than necessary and go on a very low calorie diet which is very harmful.

Along with that you all should understand that eating less doesn’t mean that you are doing fat loss. Every person has a basic calorie requirement For females, it’s 1600-2000 and for males, it’s 2000-2500 for males. But this can vary according to your age, physical activity, body type etc.

3. Weight Management Juice

Along with this, you can manage your weight with Kapiva’s Get Slim Juice. This juice is made up of 12 Ayurvedic herbs like Amla, Giloy, Harad etc. These herbs reduce your bad cholesterol, make your digestion strong and along with improving your overall health, they will help you in weight management.

This juice will improve your metabolism, stop your sugar and hunger craving, help in detoxification and reduce fat accumulation. And because of all these, you will get help with weight management. This is completely natural and no artificial colour or sweetness has been used in it. To consume this juice, you can dilute 30 ml of Get Slim Juice in 250 ml of water and consume twice a day before meals.

4. Adding Cardio in Your Daily Routine

Those who want to lose weight, along with strength training, must include cardio in their daily routine. Those who are under 40 years, must do 30 minutes of cardio. And those who are above 40 years, must do 45 minutes of cardio.

Perform 4 to 5 sessions of cardio every day, every week. Now, cardio does not mean running fast on the treadmill, or doing high-intensity interval training. In fact, if you want to burn actual fat, then you should do moderate-paced cardio.

Moderate-paced cardio means, maintaining your target heart rate constantly for 30 to 40 minutes. And target heart rate means, 65 to 75% of your max heart rate.

5. Adding Good Fat

Now, many people will say, to reduce fat, you have to eat fat. But we are talking about healthy fats here. Means, Omega 3. Good fats keep the hormones balanced in your body. Along with increasing good cholesterol, maintain blood sugar levels in your body. And there are some fat-soluble vitamins like, A, K, D, E.

Which are absorbed better in your body, when good fats are in sufficient quantity. So, by adding good fats in your daily diet, your overall body functioning improves a lot. And it helps you to lose weight. One more thing, you don’t have to eat trans fat at all. It increases inflammation in your body.

In fact, the fat you deposit around your belly area, trans fat is a big reason for that. And trans fat is present in packed and processed food. But yes, if you want to lose fat, then all the calories you eat in a day, 15-20% of that should come from good fats. And the best source of good fats are, fish oil, flaxseed oil, olive oil, avocado, nuts, etc.

6. Enough Sleep

You all know that, to stay healthy, you need to take sleep of 6-8 hours Sleeping less disturbs your hormones Your hunger hormone increases, which is ghrelin due to which you start eating more unnecessary food and at the same time your stress hormone, which is cortisol also increases, due to which your metabolic rate slows down and no activity results in your body.

A study also found that people who sleep less have more fat around their belly area In fact, sleeping less also suppresses your IGF due to which you start gaining overall body fat.

So if you want to successfully achieve your weight loss journey then do take a good sleep for 6-8 hours at night I would suggest that for a good sleep do not use caffeine in the late evening and don’t use electronic gadgets before going to sleep Along with these 6 points.

there are some basic things that you should keep in mind during weight loss Keep your stress levels low for which you can take help of yoga and meditation Choose a complex carb like oats, quinoa, etc.

Do not use sugary drinks and packed beverages Instead, you can choose healthy options like green tea, vegetable juice, etc.

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