Workouts to Get Rid of Belly Fat

Today’s Workout article that we are sharing with all of you Workouts to Get Rid of Belly Fat is for those people who do not want to go to the gym or And for those who are unable to take time out of their busy schedule for the gym.

Belly Fat

For those housewives who don’t get time for themselves after their families you will not be able to give excuses because in all the workouts that we will do today, it will not take more than 15 minutes.

7 Home Workouts to Get Rid of Belly Fat

1. High Knee Raises

High Knee Raises

Our purpose of doing High Knee Raises is to Increase heart rate, blood flow And is very good exercise to give stretching effect Whenever you perform high knee raises Do 10 repetitions with each leg 10 Rep from left and 10 rep from Right.

But I am sure many people couldn’t raise their leg this Much So in that condition, you have a choice that You can support your leg with hands for stretching like this Sargam just hold it here This will led to proper stretching in your hamstring, glutes region and lower back And will reduce the chances of injury in further exercises 3 sets with 10 reps are more than sufficient.

2. Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks is a very good exercise which will help you to reduce body fat Because while you perform this exercise, it will burn more calories and also build muscle I want you to perform 10 reps and then take a rest.

When your heart rate slows down Then again perform 10 Likewise, you will repeat with exercise 3 times So it will help you a lot Very Good Just make sure while performing this exercise Your body doesn’t get stiff and your hand reach to top as well.

3. Mountain Climbing

This exercise will make your abs obliques much stronger simultaneously it will strengthen your body so let’s see how to perform this exercise place your hand at shoulder width.

whenever you go down make sure your lower back remains straight whenever you bring your knee inside, try to breathe out this exercise will make your legs, your core and upper body strong you have to perform 10 reps with each leg and try to make 3 sets.

4. Burpees


It will help in reducing your overall body fat and at the Same time it will make your muscles strong Let’s see how to perform this exercise If you are a beginner then don’t do more than 5 reps And repeat 3 sets Make sure your balance is good and your coordination better It is more important to avoid strain than doing it fast.

5. Squats

we are going to do is Mother of all exercise called “Squats” Squats is important to do because it is very important for your development of Quads Because Quads is the biggest muscle of your body You burn more calories.

When you squat And this will result in fast fat loss So let’s see how to perform this exercise First thing that you need to remember is Place your legs at a width of your shoulders.

Second thing is our knee should be a little bit bend when we perform Squats And Pelvis bone should be a little far And whenever we sit we make sure our hips are parallel to the ground Don’t go much down Up and then go down Make sure when you go down your knee should be in line with your toes When you come up, you breathe out Number of repetitions will be 10 with 3 sets.

6. Plank Walk

It is a very good exercise that will toned your overall core, abs, obliques and arms Let’s see how we can perform this exercise.

First of all come in Plank position Plank position is basically when your whole body became parallel to ground with your elbows and toes, From there you will come in push up position And then goes to plank position.

Don’t try to perform this exercise very fast rhythm is more important than doing it fast. Your control over breathe Your control over the body Do this with 10 repetitions of 3 sets.

This will be more than sufficient It will make your overall muscle strong Your core, upper back, arms, and you will look fit very soon.

7. Lying Hip Raises

It’s a very good exercise which will not only strenge then your lower back but also your Glutes muscle will be in a good shape.

Let’s see how to perform this exercise First lie down then bend your both knees Then with the help of your foot and upper back lift your hips And form it like a bridge but hold for a second when you are up And Breathe out Just lift it up And breathe out Squeeze both the Glute muscle Release it and then lift it up Just breathe out squeeze your hip And do it with 15 reps of 3 sets.

8. Push-Ups

Push up is a very basic exercise I beleive that everyone must have try Push up at least once Today we will see how to perform it correctly It is very useful for your over all upper body development Distance between your hand should not be too much or less It will be close to the chest Before starting make sure your body is balanced on your Toes and hand.

Now you slowly go down and came up -breath out you slowly go down and come up -breathe out will perform 8 reps of 3 sets Second, for those who can’t do push like this There is a variation for them They can do Knee push up But rhythm will remain the same Go down, came up -breathe out Again Go down, came up -breathe out With this workout when you go down Your upper back, your arms works And when you came up Your chest works

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